Women’s Outfit Ideas For Working Out

workout outfit ideas

Even though you sweat while exercising, you still want to look cute! They say that putting on cute workout clothes will make you more likely to actually work out. Okay, so no one really said this, but it could totally be true. Think about it: when you put on any outfit you like, you suddenly feel more confident. Why should it be any different with workout outfits?

Workout clothes are not just about being stylish, but they have to be functional and durable too. Some key requirements to look out for in a set of workout wear are comfort, fit, functionality, and style. You want to feel comfortable while you’re working out — that’s #1! Otherwise, you’d just wear a pair of jeans to exercise. Workout clothes were made for a reason! You also want to ensure that you can squat, lunge, bend, and have full range of motion. If your leggings can’t uphold a squat, it fails the movement test. The material needs to be stretchy and durable enough that it won’t rip at any point during your workout.

The fit is important, too. The bottoms shouldn’t sag in the butt area or give you a major camel toe. And you don’t want a tank top to be too loose that you’re busy pulling it down or too tight that you can barely breathable. If you care about functionality, then you’ll want to opt for something with pockets or a high-waist option — but that’s not a must-have. Cris cross pants are another option and can feel less tight on your stomach since there’s no waistband pressing into your abdomen area.

Whether you’re going to Pilates, Soul Cycle, Yoga, or doing your Peloton at home, these workout outfit ideas up ahead are too stylish and comfy to pass up.

Matching Leggings and Sports Bra Set

The Upside

Many basic clothing brands make gym outfits that include a pair of leggings and matching sports bra. Some are sold together, while others are sold separately. Either way, you can mix and match them with other sets and throw on a t-shirt for a more covered up look. This workout outfit idea makes it easy to put together an outfit without scrambling to find which bottom and top matches each other. These sets typically come in fun prints or neutral colors. It’s your pick!

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Bold Bike Shorts with Neutral Color Tank Top

Buckley tank top

We’re so glad bike shorts have come back in style the last few years. They’re not too long like a legging and they’re not too short like shorts. They hit above the knee and are airy for hot summer days. You can pair them with a tank top, t-shirt, or crop top.

You’ve probably seen this look everywhere by now. But in case you haven’t, you heard it here first! Throw a basic button down shirt over your short-sleeve t-shirt and bike shorts for a chic early workout to work day look. Wear your sneakers or change into Tevas. And if you’re going out at night, just swap ‘em for heels!

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Sweatpants and Crop Tops

jogger pants

Oversized Sweats

Dancers will know this lewk well! You still sweat when you dance the way you would any other workout, but sweatpants and croptops allow dancers to move around more freely. It’s also part of dancer culture to wear baggy pants for comfort and style. “Most dancers typically wear baggier hip hop pants rather than shorts, spandex or yoga pants that you might see in other types of dance classes,” A Dance Place’s website says.

Also, sometimes wearing loose-fitting clothes can allow the audience to focus on the dancer’s moves and the dancers can make the moves look more bold and dramatic. This sporty fitness wear look is so versatile that you can wear it to lounge at home or on a rainy day.

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Running Shorts and Sports Bra

running shorts

P.E Nation

Put on your running shorts, running shoes, and sports bra for the ultimate cardio look! And while you’re at it — grab a water bottle and make sure to hydrate! Joggers and runners alike love to run in as little clothing as possible so that they feel free to move as they please. When choosing the perfect athleisure clothing, you’ll want to look out for materials with good wicking properties, so that sweat is absorbed and dried quickly.

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There are plenty of workout gear options to choose from. It all depends on your style and how you want your activewear to fit! Back2Basics carries tons of curated athleisure brands for women with outfits styled for you on our Instagram page.