The Best Basic Clothing Brands You Need In Your Life

 basic clothing for women

Everybody needs basic clothing in their life. It’s what women, men, and children wear most often. We wear everyday clothing to work out, lounge, watch a movie, and even sleep. Since COVID-19, more people have been working from home, which means workwear has transformed into elevated basic clothing. People don’t want to wear their pajamas or fancy clothing at home, which is why sweaters and sweats are their go-to attire.

Whichever way you call it — basic clothing or activewear — these everyday pieces are wardrobe staples. These are the pieces you will turn to day in and day out, all year round. The best part is that your plain white tee and pair of jeans will never go out of style. You can also mix and match them because they generally consist of neutral colors and fabrics. Many of these looks also come as sets, so you can buy them as full outfits too.

Save your fancy clothes for a night out with friends or special occasions, and leave your basics for the gym, rainy days, supermarket runs, or a bonfire night.

 What is basic clothing?

Basic clothing refers to everyday clothing that you can wear lounging around the house. It typically includes minimalist tees, sweaters, a pair of jeans, button-downs, and other wardrobe staples.

Even though the clothing category is basic, the designs and quality are anything but basic. You can still wear high-quality basic clothing brands at different price points. Whether you’re going for a minimalist look or something more trendy, basic clothing brands offer something for everyone.

Shop our favorite basic clothing brands including Monrow, Stateside, and more below.

Comfortable Clothing For Travel

You’re about to embark on your dream vacation and you have all the essentials — comfortable swimsuits, trendy beachwear, oversized blazers, sunscreen, and comfortable travel shoes. But one thing you’re forgetting is what to wear on the plane! If you’re going somewhere warm, then you don’t want to wear something with too much heavy layering. Aviator Nation is one of our favorite basic fashion brands that we carry at Back2Basics because they have lightweight fabric, cool designs, and cozy materials. Want to get noticed in the airport while still looking chic and effortless? This is the way to go!

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Cozy Loungewear Sets


Matching loungewear sets make it so easy to get dressed. You already know which bottom matches your top and vice versa. You can wear them at a cozy bonfire or girl‘s night in with friends. If it’s raining out, you can totally go to the movies or grab lunch with friends in these sets. Some sweatshirt sets come with hoodies and others have a crewneck sweater style. The silhouettes are typically a bit oversized so it’s not completely form-fitting. You can wear a tank top or t-shirt under if it starts to get hot. One of our favorite basics brands is Monrow because their loungewear sets are so soft and cozy.

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Casual Button-Down Shirts


Button-down shirts can be worn up or down. Wear it with black bike shorts for a casual everyday look or pair it with wide-leg pants for workwear. However you choose to wear a basic button-down shirt, you can’t go wrong. Long sleeve button-downs can even be worn at the beach if it’s lightweight like Stateside’s 100% cotton gauze material blouses. You can pair it with Stateside’s matching gauze shorts or jean shorts.

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Cozy Cardigans For Women


On chilly summer nights, you can always count on a cozy cardigan to pull you through. Pistola’s button-down ankle-length cardigan wraps around the whole body like a warm blanket. Wear it with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans that are high-rise to show off the cardigan's fun holographic design. Add this staple to your wardrobe and throw it on all year round.

Pistola is one of the best brands to find cozy, everyday clothing. They sell basic denim, jumpsuits, button-down shirts, and sweaters.

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 What are the best basic clothes brands?

In our opinion, the basic clothing brands and retailers are as follows:

  • Sustainable Brand Everlane

  • Japanese Retailer Uniqlo

  • Ayr

  • Cuyana

  • Pistola

  • Leallo

  • Aviator Nation

  • Stateside

  • Monrow

  • Pact

  • KOTN

  • Amazon Essentials

 At Back2Basics we carry various high-quality basic clothing brands. You can shop our tees, sweaters, leggings, and more online or in-store. Basic brands are the foundation of every outfit and can be layered depending on the weather or look you’re going for. You’ll seriously never want to take off these wardrobe staples.