5 Basic Clothing Essentials For Women

basic clothing essentials for women

Before stepping out the door, there are a few essentials that you can not leave home without. From your car keys and house keys to your wallet and phone, you’d be lost without these items. Much like these basic bag essentials, basic clothing essentials is the everyday clothing that you can’t live without. Whether you’re going to a spin class or just want to lounge on your couch, basic clothing is comfortable, versatile, and best of all — it won’t let you down!

Women can count on basic wardrobe essentials to get them through sweaty workouts, where they can’t see an end in sight. It’ll get them through first dates, where they want to look casual and not overdo their outfit. It’ll also get them through day when they want to run around doing errands in their most cozy, reliable clothing. These are the pieces that will always be in the laundry, because you’ll wear them over and over again. This is why you can never have enough basic clothing essentials. While one white tee and pair of jeans is in the wash, you can feel relieved knowing that you bought a few basic white tees and jeans for this very moment.

Every women needs basic clothing in her wardrobe because wearing fancy dresses and heels every day is not an option. Women want to throw something minimalist on without much effort, while still looking as chic as ever.

Want the best basic clothing essentials and style tips? Read more up ahead!

Denim Jackets

denim jeans J crew
J Crew

If you’ve gone your whole life without a denim jacket in your closet, what have you been wearing this whole time? Jean jackets are perfect for in between weather or chilly evenings. They practically match anything and can also elevate any look. Instead of wearing a cozy sweatshirt, denim jackets are more tailored and look more sophisticated. For example, if you’re at an outdoor event and don’t want to look too casual, a denim jacket is considered to be more fancy than a sweater. You can wear it over a midi dress, mini dress, plain white tee, tank top, and more. The limit does not exist when it comes to denim, whether it’s in a jacket or pants form!

White Sneakers

Madewell White Sneakers


White sneakers are an obvious clothing essential! Not only does it match with anything, but you can wear them with dresses after a long night. They’re the perfect sneaker to bring to Europe for your summer travel plans. You can wear them to walk around museums and explore a new city, while still wearing a cute dress or something less casual. At the end of a long night walking in heels on cobble stone streets or at the end of a long day walking on rocky beach paths, white sneakers will be your savior.

White T-Shirt

plain white tee

Perfect White Tee

You can never have too many white tees! You can literally have 10 of these in your closet and they’ll all be put to good use. Some will get dirty, others will be on the wash, others will get worn out. It’s worth spending money on high-quality white t-shirts so you don’t go through them so quickly. You’ll wear them all year round — trust us. Everlane, Hanes, Zara and Madewell have some great basic tees at an affordable price. Our absolute favorite tees, though, are Perfect White Tee's white cropped t-shirt. 

Skinny Jeans + Straight Leg Jeans

pistola jeans


Some women are all for skinny jeans while others are more into straight leg jeans. Whatever your personal style, jeans never go out of style and are truly an OG wardrobe basic. I mean, who else steals their mom’s jeans from the 80s? The straight leg jean gives you more leg room and can be cut to hide an ankle boot. They’re more casual looking, too, because they’re a bit looser. On the other hand, the skinny jean can be high rise and worn with a flowy top and tucked under boots, ballet flats, or heels. These wardrobe staples will stay in your closet forever and can be worn day after day. If you change your top, no one will even notice your outfit repeating.


Uniqlo Turtleneck


Once winter rolls around, long sleeve turtlenecks are the IT shirt of snow season. Buy yourself one in every color and you’ll be set until spring! Pair it up with a pencil skirt and tights or pair it down with a pair of jeans and booties. As long as i't’s comfortable and covers your upper body, you can’t go wrong. The fluffier the turtleneck, the better! You can even wear a t-shirt under if your office is too hot and you need to take off the turtleneck mid-day.

Black Leggings


Year of Ours

At Back2Basics, we are all about the perfect black pant leggings! Some of our new favorites are the Veronica Ribbed Leggings from Year of Ours, Running Bare power moves leggings (it has pockets!), and ALL FENIX’s Madison Core Leggings that hit above the ankle. You can pair black leggings in the winter with a cute cardigan/cashmere sweater or in the summer with a V-neck. Wear them while you’re working out or layer up for a night out.

Other fun basic clothing essentials for women include loafers, trench coats, white button-downs, bodysuits, hoodies, blazers, and leather jackets. These pieces are easy to throw on and mix and match with different pieces in your wardrobe. You’ll find yourself going back to them time and again. They’re the foundation that you can build upon.