Back2Basics by JM was founded by Jacqueline Morabia in 2012. Her husband at the time had a printing and embroidery business. She loved looking at the samples in his work catalogs. As she was skimming the catalogs, two of her sons were starting college. But it was impossible to find basic men’s clothing like t-shirts and sweatpants!

Her boys wanted to buy everyday clothing that was casual, cool, and comfortable. She couldn’t find anything in stores that fit their needs or were high-quality enough. So, Jacqueline decided to order men’s clothing from these catalogs. Not one to gatekeep a best-kept secret, she told all her friends about these samples, too. Since they had boys around her sons’ ages, they were also having a hard time finding quality men’s clothing for college and beyond. Jacqueline went door to door (like any good saleswoman!), and her friends started ordering from her. 

After participating in a few local clothing boutique shows, the word spread about her business. From there, everyone in the New Jersey area knew about Back2Basics. Men, women, and kids finally had a local go-to retailer for athleticwear, loungewear, and everyday clothing.  

Even from a young age, Jacqueline had an eye for fashion and retail. As a kid, she worked at her dad’s discount department stores. Throughout her life, she also worked at various upscale retailers. She always loved high-end brands and wanted to open her own store one day. 

Today, Back2Basics sells dozens of high-end brands including Beyond Yoga, Aviator Nation, P.E Nation, Vuori, Rhone, Munster Kids, Monrow, Stateside, perfectwhitetee, Ecru, The Upside, Pistola, Vitamin A, Lune Active and much more. B2B is always introducing new brands, too.

Over a decade as a retail owner, Jacqueline has pivoted her business to meet the latest trends and technology. Back2Basicsbyjm.com, the online store, is a way for customers from all around the globe to shop her curated collection of high-end basic clothing brands. 

Back2Basics is anything but basic. These pieces are made to last for years to come and will be the first thing you grab from your closet every day.