Palms yoga mat


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A sleek, high-density, 5mm mat designed to deliver firm cushioning and support for those seeking superior joint protection and a sense of being well-grounded while they practice. Produced in sustainably harvested rubber, a Polyurethane top layer wicks away moisture and offers superior grip, during even hot sessions. Body alignment lines offer guidance as you go.

Size: 180 x 68cm, Thickness: 5mm, Weight: Approximately 3.2Kg. 

Fabric: 75% Natural Rubber Base, 25% Polyurethane Top

Style #: VAR00684

Care: Always roll with the top side of the mat facing out. Rolling in the opposite direction can damage the mat surface. To clean, wipe down your mat with a soft towel dampened with oil-free soap and water. Allow to fully air dry laying flat or hanging. To protect the mat, try to avoid using lotions before use or wearing any jewellery on your hands and feet. Avoid storage areas with sharp edges that can leave a lasting mark.