Why We're Obsessed with Basic Suburban Riot Tees

suburban riot tees

In 2006, Suburban Riot (or Sub_Urban Riot) was created by two best friends who thought life should be fun, sunny, and never boring. The founders of the brand say that they created it with the goal of selling clothes that aren't expensive for the sake of being expensive, but not so cheap that unfair labor and environmentally unsound solutions were necessary. They wanted to be able to sleep well at night, knowing they were designing, creating, and selling clothing that are as good to people and the earth.

While the company makes sweats, handbags, shirts, and more, Suburban Riot tees are where the brand really shines. Cute graphics that ooze confidence and stylish playfulness over boring arrogance and stuffy designs fit with the brands’ outlook that we should never be bored with life or our clothing.

You’ve likely seen celebrities wearing Sub_urban Riot women’s tees! Lucy Hale, Vanessa Hudgens, Mila Kunis, Reese Witherspoon, Lily Collins, Dakota Fanning, Gal Gadot, and yes, even our queen Beyoncé are fans.  Celebs seem to really like the graphic t-shirts that give off good vibes or give nods to activism and cheeky ideas. Suburban Riot is absolutely brilliant at making designs that work as much as an idea as they do fashion so you can show off your thoughts and look amazing at the same time. The Favorite Daughter and heart emblem are also quite popular and recognizable. 

At Back2Basics, this is what we’re all about. High-quality clothing made of great materials that people actually want to wear is exactly what we choose to carry. And we’re very choosey.

About Suburban Riot Tees: Styles, Graphics, Fabric

splatter paint crop tee suburban riot

Suburban Riot Tees are comfortable and wearable because they’re made of machine-washable cotton and cotton blends. The soft fabrics are durable but drape well for cute, casual, stress-free outfits. Because you shouldn’t feel fussy wearing a shirt that says, “I Got This” or “Give Me Summer.”

Suburban Riot Tees are generally sunny and fun with their designs. Tie-dye shirts are a popular choice, along with 70s-vibe fonts and simple motifs that inspire good feelings and a bit of nostalgia. We particularly love and think you should checkout the paint splatter tees by Suburban Riot.

The designs of Suburban Riot Tees are simple enough to wear pretty much anywhere, depending on how you accessorize. Of course, they’re also perfect for working out, lounging around the house, and wearing to school and the office. These are the kind of t-shirts you’ll love finding accessories for and trying with new looks. They’re just enough fun to create a great look, but enough of a blank slate to really go crazy with pairings or stay minimalist with a fun edge.

How to Style Suburban Riot Tees

Let’s start with the most comfortable of styles. Pick your favorite Suburban Riot T-shirt and just add joggers. We love how versatile joggers are. They’re lounge-worthy but also look put-together enough to head out in. Joggers are tailored more than traditional sweatpants so they never look sloppy. We recommend checking out the Ponto Performance Jogger or the Vuori Performance Jogger for women. For men, we think your Suburban Riot Tee will look great with the French Terry Jogger by R&R Surplus or the Waves Jogger by Sol Angeles.

Of course, you can also add a short sleeve crewneck tee to any chic skirt, well-tailored blazer, or designer jeans for evening looks.

Try a crop tee from Suburban Riot with the Mercer Pant By P.E. Nation for a balanced casual look. Or go for a more streamlined silhouette with the Power Moves AB Waist Tight in black.

Suburban Riot Youth Tees

rainbow dye suburban riot tee

Suburban Riot Tees come in youth sizes, because, of course, kids are going to want to get in on the comfortable, fun, and sunny fashion of a nice loose tee they barely have to think about.

The wearable and washable fabrics make Suburban Riot a great brand for kids because play is important, and sometimes the best play is messy and wild!

The youth styles, just like the adult Suburban Riot tees, can be played up in many ways. We love the positive sayings on the youth sizes, like the “Keep Going” t-shirt and the fun, summer vibes of the “Sun Day” tee.

Styling Suburban Riot Tees for Kids

loose tee suburban riot

Kids might not have office meetings or fancy dinners to attend but they still want to look good for all sorts of occasions. Kids are great about fashion because they love what they feel good in but also what makes them happy over labels and brands.

The best thing about Suburban Riot graphic tees for kids is that you can throw them on with a pair of basketball shorts, sweats, joggers, or jeans and have a cute and comfortable outfit for a playdate or school. Your little one will love wearing their tee with super soft T2Love shorts or leggings by Me.N.U. You’ll love how easy it is to match their tees with everything. You’ll also love the ability to machine wash them! They’re fuss-free.

One of our favorite pairings is Suburban Riot short sleeve tees with Wave Shorts by Sol Angeles for a beachy look no matter where you live. Pair them with a cute skirt or blazer for picture day. Got a rock and roll kid? A jean jacket over a crop tee is perfect for an edgy but youthful style.

Suburban Riot t-shirt designs are cute and trendy enough to make your kid happy. They’re not covered in peeling superhero graphics that your kid won’t be into in a week (but hey, there’s room for those in every wardrobe, too). They’re neutral enough for any kid’s style. They’re the t-shirts you’ll put in the “nice clothes” section of the closet, but your kid will feel like they’re wearing play clothes. Grab them when your kid needs to look decent in public, and you won’t have to worry about them complaining about it being scratchy because the soft cotton fabric is as comfortable as pajamas.  

Parents can feel good about buying Suburban Riot t-shirts for kids because they’re created in environmentally responsible and human-friendly ways.

Back2Basics by JM was created for just these reasons. To find high-quality, high-end clothing that parents and kids would both love instead of low-quality fast-fashion items that didn’t last long, didn’t feel good, and cost more money in the long run. We are very selective about the clothes we carry, so you can browse in peace knowing you’re only going to find clothes you’ll love for all ages. Check back often for new arrivals, as we’re always on the hunt for the next great piece of quality clothing you’re definitely going to want to add to cart and closet.