Comfortable Children’s Clothing Your Kids Will Love

comfortable children's clothing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to buy children’s clothing that your kid actually likes? Kids will find any excuse not to wear the clothes you’ve chosen for them. But one of the main things you’ll find them complaining about? Their clothing is uncomfortable!

The tags or fabric are itchy, the neckline is too high, the zipper closures are difficult to reach, and they don’t have enough breathable room to play. You name it — they’ll complain about it! Whether they know it or not, they want clothing that allows them to just be a kid. It’s no wonder why they hate to dress up for special occasions! Can you imagine going from tee shirts to confined clothing? Even adults hate dressing up for that very reason. The best kids’ clothing for back-to-school and beyond is comfortable, sustainable, and stylish. You’d be so surprised at how hard it is to find quality basic clothing brands for children. You’re in luck, though! Back2Basics carries high-quality basic children’s clothing brands that kids can wear to school, playdates, and at home.

From graphic tees and short sleeve tops to hoodies and joggers, we’ve got clothing lines for your kids that put an emphasis on comfortable clothes. (Our clothing is typically for kids ages 3 to 10).


Cute Hoodie For Kids

kids blue hoodie

Kids are already adorable and they're ten times more adorable when they’re in a long-sleeve hoodie. Some of the qualities and questions to ask yourself about a hoodie are the following: Is it breathable? (Your kid would not want something too tight). Is it machine washable? Most hoodies are machine washable because they’re made from cotton or organic cotton, but you could never be too sure. Is it trendy? You’ll want to choose a color that’s trending, but can also be worn for years to come. Is it unisex? Some parents prefer something that both their sons and daughters can wear! Sharing clothes can help tremendously when kid outgrow their clothing quickly. Kids can pass their hoodies down to their younger siblings — as long as they keep it in good condition.

The great thing about Munster Kids’ hoodies is their logo. It’s not too bold or overbearing on their sweatshirts! The logo is pretty subtle and is the same color as the hoodie itself. Munster kids’ GAFFER hoodie, which comes in army and pigment denim can be worn with matching sweatpants, jeans, or even shorts. There are also holes in each sleeve so kids can put their thumb inside and warm up their hands during the chilly fall weather.

 Shop Munster Kids GAFFER Hoodie here.

Cool Short Sleeve Tops For Kids

kids short sleeve top

Buy this Mellow Sol Angeles short sleeve top for your mellow yellow child. It’s perfect for the kid who likes to chill and lounge at home or with friends. Your easy-going little guy or girl will feel cozy and secure in this unisex t-shirt. This t-shirt works well with sensitive skin because it’s loose-fitting and made from cotton. Your kid can pair it with sweatpants, jeans, or even shorts. As we begin fall in a few months, the yellow color will blend in with the leaves and everything else the season has to offer.

Shop Sol Angeles Mellow Crew T-Shirt here.

Cozy Sweatshirts For Kids

kids smiley face sweater

Some kids don’t like sweatshirts with hoods and prefer shirts with no collars or strings attached (literally). This comfy splattered paint sweatshirt can be worn as a shirt or layered with a t-shirt under. It’s perfect for in-between weather. The trendy graphic sweatshirt has a smiley face and lightning bolt running across for good vibes and positive energy. Since the sweatshirt is mostly white and black, it will practically match any bottom.

Shop Prince Peter Kids Smiley Face Pullover here.

Black Leggings For Kids

Just like adult women, little girls live in their black leggings. Their pair well with any t-shirt or top and they’re not just for ballet or sports. They can dress up the look by wearing a dress over their leggings or wear it with a nice top. It all depends on the leggings' materials. Some leggings get lint balls and pill easily over time. That’s why high-quality leggings are worth the investment so you don’t need to keep buying more. Leggings are also stretchy, which means they typically fit for a longer period of time than jeans. We love these Katie J NYC leggings in black that come in small, medium, large, and extra large.

Shop Katie J NYC Bella Performance Kids Leggings here.


Which company is best for kids wear?

Some high-quality kids wear companies include Munster Kids, Sol Angeles, Prince Peter, and Katie J NYC.

If you’re looking for more sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, and more basic clothing for kids that are high-quality and cozy, Back2Basics carries all of the above and more. We also sell women’s and men’s clothing from basic clothing brands that you’ll fall in love with.