How to Keep Black Leggings From Fading

black leggings fading

If you’re into athleticwear as much as we are, then you know how important black leggings are to your wardrobe. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise — you can never have too many black leggings. Black leggings are an athletic wardrobe staple for athletes, gym junkies, pregnant women, and more. The reason? They’re stretchy, comfortable, durable (depending on the material), typically machine washable, and practically match everything. What more can you ask for in a piece of clothing?

The only flaw you may encounter with black leggings or black clothes, in general, is that certain materials may accumulate lint and fade over time. As is natural with the color black, dark colors attract lighter colors and show up more on black clothes. Believe us, if you have dandruff, you don’t want to be wearing the color black and you don’t want to be anywhere near your pet that sheds its fur.

So, how do black clothes and black leggings stay in tact? When you buy any piece of clothing, you’ll want it to last for a while. For one, buying quality leggings matter. But once they’re in your possession, it’ll be up to you to ensure they stay in good condition. Especially with black leggings, which you’ll find yourself wearing over and over again, you may notice them start to fade over time.

Ahead, learn how to keep black leggings in the best shape and prevent them from accruing link and fading.

What Is Color Fading?

Color fading is when the fabric has lost much of its dye and becomes lighter and less defined.

What Causes Black Leggings to Fade?

One of the main reason black leggings fade overtime is from wearing them too often. As a leggings owner, you have every right to wear your leggings as much as you want, but you’ll need to give them more TLC with each wear. Here are a few more ways that leggings can become lighter over time.

  • Laundry Washer: When you’re doing the laundry, hot water and harsh liquid detergents can cause fading.

  • Laundry Dryer: Some leggings can be over-dryed or shouldn’t be dried at all because extreme heat can cause fading.

  • Mixing Colors: If you mix your light colors with light, it can rub off on your black leggings and cause fading.

  • Dye: If your leggings are made from low-quality fabric dye, the black dye can bleed or fade.

  • Rubs against something else: If your leggings are made low-quality cheap materials, the black dye can fade if it’s constantly rubbed against your skin or objects.

Preventing Fading

Fortunately, there are hacks to ensure your quality leggings last longer and don’t fade. Here are a few ways to prevent fading, below.

  • Wash dark leggings separately from white clothes.

  • Wash your black clothes inside out in cold water temperature on a gentle cycle.

  • Or, you can hand wash your clothes.

  • When drying clothes that are black, opt for air drying/line drying over tumble drying.

  • Always read the clothing label for washing instructions and materials. For example, Spandex is a material that doesn’t mix well with heat.

  • Try not to over-wash them

  • Wash clothes with laundry detergent that are made for black clothes

Prevent Lint

Here are a few hacks to prevent lint from accruing on your black leggings and easily getting lint off.

  • Use the laundry tips aforementioned for preventing fading, which can also prevent lint build up.

  • Natural fabrics like cotton and wool attract lint more than nylon and Lycra. Opt for high-quality materials that don’t build up lint.

  • Reduce lint by washing clothes with 1/2 cup of vinegar

Prevent Pilling

You’ve probably had one of your garments or piece of furniture start to pill. Pilling occurs when short or broken fibers form small knots of fuzz. Like lint, some fabrics are more prone to pilling. Clothes made from wool, cotton, and polyester tend to pill. You’ll want to opt for woven versus knitted fabrics when you’re looking for a high-quality black legging.

Think of your favorite knit sweatshirt that pills over time. Because it has many loose knitted fibers, it’s prone to pilling. Here are a way other hacks to prevent pilling.

  • Use cold, gentle cycles

  • Turn clothes inside out

  • Faster any zippers, buttons, and hooks because fabrics can pill more when they’re rubbing against other items

When dealing with dark fabrics, you’ll want to use the laundry tips we've recommended and buy high-quality black leggings. These are our favorites from Back2Basics, below.

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