Why is Aviator Nation So Expensive?

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Aviator Nation is a popular high-end clothing brand worn by men, women, and kids worldwide. Its vintage-inspired, handmade garments have a distinct 1970s California vibe. Paige Mycoskie founded the brand in 2006. Since then, it has expanded to include stores across the United States, Japan, and Australia. Despite its immense popularity, many people have questioned what makes Aviator Nation more expensive than other brands. You can expect to pay upwards of $160 per sweatpants — but they’re well worth it.

Their most iconic looks include rainbow-striped sweatpants, vintage-style hoodies, unisex lighting bolt sweatshirts, graphic t-shirts, and swimwear. They also sell surfboards and a custom motorcycle!

Think music festivals, camping, surfing, or skiing, and then sprinkle in a little extra sun and subtle sex appeal, and you’ve got Aviator Nation.

Here at Back2Basics, we’ve focused on high-end, high-quality essential items that you can feel good about buying and wearing, so Aviator Nation was a no-brainer when curating our brand selection. Read on to learn more about Aviator Nation and why the brand is notorious for being high-end and expensive.

What Makes Paige Mycoskie’s Aviator Nation So Special?

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To get to the heart of what makes Aviator Nation so special, let’s start with where it all began and with the woman behind the brand!

In 2006, Aviator Nation founder Paige Mycoskie was working in a surf shop in Venice Beach, California, and loving the laid-back, sun-soaked vibes. She also loved the vibes of 1970s fashion and music and soon began hand-sewing clothing that reflected that era. Mycoskie sold her garments and flea markets and fairs, but it didn’t take long before she realized that a lot of other people loved her retro style, too.

By 2009, she opened a brick-and-mortar store in Venice Beach. While the popularity of her clothing soared, she kept the same values that she began with. Mycoskie wanted to create clothing that made her feel the same way the vintage clothes she adored made her feel. She wanted to create high-quality garments that felt like nostalgia and comfort. Let’s talk more about how she managed to make that happen!

Quality of Materials

One of the main reasons why Aviator Nation products are more expensive than other brands is because of the high-quality materials that the brand uses. Aviator Nation uses only the finest materials to create its garments, including premium cotton, cashmere, and other luxury fabrics. The brand is also committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly materials whenever possible, which can be more expensive than traditional materials.

The quality of materials used in Aviator Nation products is reflected in their durability and longevity. The garments are designed to last, and customers are willing to pay a premium for clothing that will stand the test of time. In a world where fast fashion dominates, Aviator Nation's commitment to quality is a breath of fresh air. Plus, the garments are all handmade in California. “Keeping our garments made in America is very important to us,” their website reads.

Handmade Production

Another factor that contributes to the high prices of Aviator Nation products is the fact that the garments are handmade. Each piece is carefully crafted by skilled artisans, who take great care in ensuring that every detail is perfect. Handmade production is a time-consuming process that requires a high level of skill, which can drive up the cost of production.

The brand's commitment to handmade production also means that they have limited quantities of each garment. Aviator Nation is also designed and created in the USA, right in California, where it all began.

Fun fact: Even the tags are hand-stitched onto Aviator Nation clothing!

Limited Edition Collections

Aviator Nation frequently releases limited edition collections that are only available for a short period of time. These collections are highly coveted by fans of the brand and often sell out within hours of release. The limited availability of these collections adds to their value.

Limited edition collections also allow Aviator Nation to experiment with new designs and materials, which can be costly, especially when Mycoskie takes such pride in making sure they use the best materials in the most sustainable ways possible. 

Branding and Marketing

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Aviator Nation has a strong brand identity and a very loyal following. The brand's vintage-inspired designs, combined with its California roots and surfer culture feel, have resonated with consumers looking for something unique and authentic. This is why Mycoskie refers to it as a lifestyle brand. When people think of Aviator Nation, rainbows and surfing automatically come to mind.

Of course, another reason why Aviator Nation is so famous has to do with the people seen wearing it! Jay Z, Reese Witherspoon, Selena Gomez, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jake Gyllenhaal are just a few of the celebrities who love the retro vibes and high quality of the brand.

The brand collaborates with influencers and celebrities, as well as pop-up stores and events. These efforts help to create buzz around the brand and build a sense of exclusivity that appeals to consumers. When people like the celebrities mentioned above, can afford to buy virtually any clothing they desire and buy Aviator Nation, you know there’s something special about it. 

Supply Chain and Distribution

Aviator Nation's supply chain and distribution also contribute to the premium price of products. The brand sources its materials from around the world, and its handmade production process requires a network of skilled artisans. The brand also has a limited number of stores and sells primarily through its website. The company has under 100 employees, many of whom work on hand-stitching garments. Mycoskie takes pride in making her employees as happy as her customers, too, so they’re paid better than most retail gigs.

The high cost of production and selective hiring means that Aviator Nation has to charge higher prices to remain profitable. While some customers may balk at the high prices, those who have had a chance to try on an Aviator Nation hoodie or pair of sweats are ready to paysweaa premium for a unique, handmade garment that supports sustainable and ethical production practices.

Is Aviator Nation Worth it?

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We might be a little biased because we already decided they were worth it when we added them to our shop. We are very selective about what we offer our customers and we knew Aviator Nation would make the cut.

Are there cheaper brands out there? Of course! But in the age of fast fashion, finding high-quality, stylish clothing that is designed, sourced, and hand-stitched by well-paid artisans all in the U.S.A.? That’s pretty rare, and we think that makes it worth every single penny.

You can shop Aviator Nation here on Back2bBasicsbyjm.com.