What Sweaters Are Trending in Fall 2023?

fall sweaters 2023 trends

We won’t miss summer too much and it’s all thanks to comfy fall sweaters. We’re not gonna lie, we’re kind of tired of wearing tank tops and shorts and are so ready for layering and hibernating season. Sweaters remind us of crisp autumn days cuddled under a blanket, reading a book. Sweater weather is truly the perfect cool-down after experiencing hot summer days.

September 23rd is officially the first day of fall and we’re not wasting any time picking out our fall 2023 wardrobe. This year, we’re going to be rocking the newest sweater trends and sharing all about our faves. Comfy oversized sweaters can be enjoyed by anyone of any age and size.

If you’re looking to upgrade your fall look, we'll be showing you what styles are hot this upcoming season and how to style your new fall look with sweaters. Get ready to plan out your closet for the cooler temps ahead — it's time to take a look at the trendiest sweaters of Fall 2023!

Fall Sweater Trends for 2023

Chunky knits, statement collars, and bright colors are everything we need and more this season!

As autumn slowly approaches, fashion enthusiasts can't wait to update their wardrobes with the latest trends. This year, chunky knits, statement collars, and bright colors are set to dominate fashion runways and street styles alike.

You'll see oversized sweaters and cardigans in cozy wool and cashmere that ooze comfort and warmth. Statement collars, adorned with jewels, ruffles, and prints, will add a touch of drama and whimsy to classic shirts and blouses. And don't shy away from brightly colored pieces this fall season; shades of fuchsia, forest green, and royal blue will uplift your mood and wardrobe. Get ready to embrace these stylish and trendy fall essentials and make a fashion statement.

And of course, all the classics, are still trending this season. Turtleneck sweaters, for example, are here to stay. You can also expect tons of cable-knit sweaters, crew neck shirts, pullovers, and half-zip fleeces. V-neck sweaters with a collar are becoming popular, too.

Polo V-neck Sweater with Collar

pistola striped polo v-neck sweater

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Basic Cableknit Sweater

cream crew neck sweater

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Half-Zip Fleece Sweater

varley half-zip fleece

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Black Rib Turtleneck Sweater

black turtleneck sweater

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Celebrities Wearing Fall Sweater Trends

These sweater style trends like turtlenecks, crew necks, v-neck sweaters, and more have been seen worn by celebrities who are known for their fashion sense. Check out some of our favorites, below!

Gigi Hadid, Cableknit Sweater

gigi hadid cableknit sweater


Sofia Richie, Turtleneck Sweater

Sofia Richie Turtleneck Sweater


Hailey Bieber, V-neck Sweater

hailey bieber v-neck sweater

How to Properly Care for Sweaters

Sweaters are a winter essential for many of us. To keep these warm and cozy garments looking their best, it's important to care for them properly. One essential tip is to always read the care label before washing your sweater.

Some materials may require dry cleaning, while others can be hand or machine-washed. It's also important to wash sweaters inside out to prevent friction and pilling. Similarly, avoid using fabric softeners as they can damage the fibers. Instead, use a gentle detergent and dry your sweater flat to prevent stretching. With the right care, your sweaters will look brand new for seasons to come!

What sweaters are in style in 2023?

From turtleneck sweaters and v-neck polo sweaters to crew neck sweaters and cable-knit sweaters, these sweater trends are staples for fall 2023.

What is the most popular color of sweaters this fall?

All the basics — including cream, black, and grey — are still popular sweater colors for fall. But, we’re also seeing hot pink and other bright colors dominating the fashion scene this season. Neutral colors are safe and will match anything while brighter colors will make more of a bold fashion statement.

Are cardigans in style for fall 2023?

Cardigan sweaters aren’t just meant to warm you up during the fall season, they’re actually a cute fashion statement that’s getting a lot of love. Whether you’re going for a preppy cardigan look with a miniskirt or a long open cardigan to wear with a pair of jeans, cardigans have a versatility that

As fall fast approaches, it's time to hit the stores and find the perfect sweater that fits your style. With this season's fashion trends of chunky knits, statement collars, and bright colors, there are countless ways to make a bold statement with your wardrobe. Whether you choose to shop for couture pieces or go the more affordable route, be sure to keep in mind what works best for your fashion style as well as how to care for your sweaters properly so they last longer.