The Best Women's Polo Shirts for Summer 2023

best women's polo shirts

With summer just days away, it’s time to start updating your wardrobe with cute and comfortable pieces like polo shirts that will keep you looking fashionable all season long. Polo shirts get a bad rep for being stiff and for being masculine. When people think of polo shirts, Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger automatically come to mind. But polo shirts have come a long way from being golf attire. They’re actually super trendy and chic for women heading into summer 2023.

Aside from the obvious appropriate venue to wear polo shirts, the tennis court, these activewear tops can also be worn with jean shorts, sweatshirts, and any other casual-preppy look. You don’t have to wear them just to play sports!

A simple, yet stylish classic piece that should always have a home in your closet is the polo shirt; versatile enough to wear on a casual day out or as part of an office ensemble. The best polos for women are here and we’re ready to share our favorites with you all. With so many different choices from brands that we carry such as The Upside, Splits59, and Monrow — which one would be right for you? Check out our selection of popular styles we know you’ll love and learn more about polo shirts, below!

The History of Polo Shirts

As its name suggests, polo shirts first became popular with Indian polo players in the 1850s. Since the 19th century, short sleeve cotton polos and piqué polos [woven pattern] are still the standard.

Before polo shirts, tennis players wore long-sleeve button-down shirts. As you could imagine, these shirts were stiff and uncomfortable. That’s when the short-sleeve polo shirt was created in the 19th century by tennis champion René Lacoste, which he first wore at the 1926 U.S. Open championship.

Lacoste was referred to as "The Crocodile,” so he added the crocodile symbol to his polo shirts. From there the Lacoste menswear brand was born! Around the same time, women also began wearing polo shirts. What used to be just white polo shirts were now being sold in green, blue, red, and all sorts of colors.

Different Styles of Women's Polo Shirts

As we mentioned earlier, polo shirts are typically cotton or woven pattern. Women's polo shirts come in various styles and types, ranging from the traditional pique knit to the more modern styles that feature unique patterns, colors, and designs.

Sleeve length varies from long sleeves, three-quarter, short sleeves, and sleeveless, catering to different preferences and seasons. Collar options include button-down collars or single-tone collar, which all serve to bring an added touch of sophistication to any outfit. You can find a slim fit, classic fit, or relaxed fit depending on the style you’re going for. All women’s polo shirts are typically loose at the collar and may feature a few button fronts.

You can find polo shirts that are completely sleeveless, crop top polo shirts, and those with multicolored colors. The polo-bilities are endless!

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What is the best polo shirt fabric for summer?

Choosing a breathable, lightweight material like linen or cotton could potentially revolutionize the way we dress with polo shirts and other pieces. The advantages these fabrics offer are countless. Firstly, their ability to keep us cool and comfortable in hot weather is unmatched. No more sweating profusely and feeling uncomfortable in heavy clothing. Additionally, these moisture wicking materials allow our skin to breathe, preventing rashes and other skin irritations.

They're also easy to maintain and wear, making them versatile and practical for various occasions and settings. Since polo shirts are typically made of cotton, you’ll want to ensure the cotton is lightweight and feels airy on your skin. Wearing a polo shirt should be like wearing any other cozy t-shirt! Save your polo sweaters for the winter months, that’s for sure.

What color polo shirt should you wear in the summer?

White polo shirts are what people originally wore to play tennis, polo, and golf. And they still do wear winter whites for sports! But, if you’re not on the court, other light colors like pink, cream, and baby blue work too. Don’t be afraid to play around with color but avoid dark colors that atrract the summer sun!

Short-Sleeve Vs. Long-Sleeve Polos

Short-sleeve shirts are great for warmer weather and can provide a more casual and relaxed look. They also allow for more freedom of movement and can be more comfortable during physical activities.

However, in professional settings, long-sleeve shirts may be more appropriate and can give a sharp, polished appearance. Long-sleeve shirts also provide more versatility in terms of layering and can keep you warmer in cooler temperatures.

Accessories For Women’s Polo Shirts

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and this is certainly true when it comes to your polo shirts. Whether you're dressing up for a special event or keeping it casual for a day out, adding the right accessories to your polo can elevate your style and help you feel confident. A blazer or sports jacket can give a more refined look, while a fun baseball cap can add some personality. A chunky watch or sleek cufflinks can give a touch of sophistication, while a simple necklace or bracelet can create a laidback vibe. When it comes to accessories, the possibilities are endless – it's all about finding what works for you and your personal style.