What are the Benefits of Sensory-Friendly Clothing?

sensory friendly clothing

Have you ever worn clothing that made you itch and scratch? Whether the brand tags were rubbing against your skin or the clothing was made from synthetic materials, some people are more sensitive to sensory issues. Sensory sensitivities don’t just affect kids, but they affect adults too. Sensory Processing Disorder typically affects people with ADHD and autism, but anyone can be hypersensitive to the way things smell, sound, look, and touch.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in what they’re wearing — especially if it’s basic clothing items that they plan on wearing every day. (We all know what it’s like to sacrifice our comfort to wear clothing for rare special occasions!). But people with SPD don’t just feel uncomfortable, they feel triggered by sensory overload, which can include tags on undergarments and coarse fabric. These feelings can be very distracting and interfere with one’s daily life.

Even people without SPD may experience discomfort from tight clothing, zippers, elastic waistbands, and other clothing details. For example, some people just have sensitive skin and become irritated easily. When some high-quality clothing manufacturers design their clothing lines, they take these ideas into consideration. They don’t want their customers to be uncomfortable. On a basic level, have you noticed that most tags you wear are soft and flexible? Oppositely, have you ever worn a garment with a hard tag that hurt your skin? In most cases, you probably have not because that would deter customers from buying that clothing brand.

We’re not experts at sensory-friendly clothing, but since we’ve been in the casual clothing and athleticwear business for quite some time, we’ve built up a rapport for comfortable clothing. If you have SPD, sensitive skin, or just want the most comfortable clothing, here is what we recommend up ahead.

What is sensory-friendly clothing?

Sensory-friendly clothing are garments that take into account any sensory issues that have to do with touch. Most clothing isn’t specifically called sensory clothing, which is made for people with sensory issues. Instead, people may have to look out for these specific features on their clothing that may irritate them.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping for basic clothing options that won’t irritate your skin:

Less clothing seams: Seams can cause people with sensitivities to feel irritable. Seamless, flat seams, or seams on the outside of clothing is the best way to go! For example, seamless socks, seamless undergarments, and seamless spandex can make all the difference. It’s hard to avoid seams altogether in adult basic clothing or athleticwear, but you can try to find clothing with fewer seams that feel seamless.

Loose waistband: Some leggings have a tight high-waisted band. If it has an elastic waistband, ensure that it’s stretchy and loose. The elastic band won’t dig into your skin, as long as it’s easy to pull on and off.

Tagless clothing: Some clothing brands have tag instructions written on the inside of tees and t-shirts.

Tear-away tags: Since most clothing comes with a tag because you’ll need care instructions, some are easy to tear off.

Soft fabric: Most of our clothing is made from soft fibers. We want people to feel comfortable when they lounge or work out!

Breathable: You’ll hear this word a lot in athletic wear. It’s used to describe clothing that’s loose and airy! As its description suggests, breathable clothing makes you feel like you can breathe. People with sensory issues or sensitive skin may feel irritated by tight clothing.

Here are our Back2Basics’ clothing that keeps sensitive skin in mind!

The Airweight Bra

This sports bra by Splits 59, is called ‘airweight’ for good reason. It features feather light and buttery soft material on your skin! You’ll barely notice it’s there, unlike other bras that have underwire or other uncomfortable features like tight bands. The T-back bra and scoop neck won’t feel like it’s hugging your skin too tightly. Try it for yourself and see what all the hype is about!

Shop the sports bra here.

V Waist Band Leggings

These Veronica ribbed leggings from Year of Ours features a waistband that’s shaped as a V. Even though it doesn’t have an elastic waistband, it has something better — a waistband that doesn’t sit too tightly on your skin and feels like a weighted blanket. It’s stretchy and soft! Typically elastic waistbands work if the garment is stretchy. But with leggings, elastic waistbands can tug at your skin and fit too snug. You can’t go wrong with these stylish and flexible black leggings!

Shop the Ribbed Leggings here.

 Compression Leggings

People with sensory issues like wearing compression clothing that feels snugly and calm against their skin. That’s why we love these tight black leggings from Running Bare. You’ll feel like you’re being enveloped in a warm hug.

Shop these compression leggings here.