3 Princess Diana Outfits to Recreate For Summer with Casual Clothing

princess diana recreated casual outfits summer

Move over, modern-day style icons! it's time to take some fashion tips from the most timeless fashionable woman, Princess Diana. Her iconic looks remain popular today and easily transition into summertime ensembles. Whether you're looking for a floral maternity dress reminiscent of her 1991 official portrait or going for something more formal like one of her dazzling evening gowns, there are plenty of ways to recreate these classic style pieces with a few contemporary updates.

The best part is, you probably already own many of these everyday clothing items! We’re choosing athleisure pieces from Back2Basics summer collection and recreating them into some of Princess Diana, the former Princess of Wales’, most iconic outfits. After all, Princess Diana wasn’t just a Princess, she was a cool princess!

Get ready to channel your inner princess with three Royal-approved outfits that are perfect for any warm-weather occasion! Princess Di would be proud of these recreated ‘fits.

Why Princess Diana Was Such a Fashion Icon

From the moment she became a member of the royal family, Princess Diana captivated the world with her fashion sense. Her elegantly stylish outfits and classy demeanor made her the definition of a fashion icon. Diana used her style and clothing to convey a message and inspire others. She was not afraid to mix high-end designer wear with street style fashion.

‘The people’s princess’ as she was often called, was very relatable and her clothing reflected that. People have compared Meghan Markle to Princess Diana because of her relatability and fashion sense.

Her bold choices and sense of style had the power to set trends and still influence the fashion industry today. Princess Diana’s fashion legacy has proven to be timeless and will continue to inspire fashion enthusiasts for generations to come.

As you could imagine, her wedding dress was extra special. The day Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles III at St Paul's Cathedral after getting engaged at Windsor Castle, she was wearing a magnificent gown that was valued at an estimated $115,000. Even though her dress was so grand, she often wore many casual looks as a princess.

Outfit 1: Princess Diana’s Power Blazer at Panorama Interview

princess diana panaroma interview

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When Princess Diana sat down for her Panorama interview in November of 1995, she made a powerful statement not just with her words, but with her outfit. Her elegant power suit, in a bold shade of navy blue, perfectly showcased her strength and confidence as she spoke out about the challenges she faced as a member of the royal family.

The suit featured a fitted blazer over a simple white top and a matching skirt with stockings underneath. Many people thought the outfit was black because of the way it appeared on television, but Diana’s designer was quick to tell the press that the outfit was midnight blue in cashmere.

Without a doubt, the look has become one of Princess Diana's most iconic and memorable outfits, standing as a symbol of her courage and resilience in the face of adversity. It also makes the perfect workwear outfit!

Outfit 2: Princess Diana’s White Button-Down Blouse Worn at a Polo Match

princess diana striped trousers

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In July 1983, Princess Di was photographed wearing a white button-down blouse white tie at the neckline. She finished off the look with a thin white belt and pinstripe trousers in baby blue and white. To top off the look, she wore big aviator sunglasses and a colorful handbag.

This was just a couple of years after she got married. People expected her to always dress like a princess, but she changed the status quo and wore what she wanted.

Outfit 3: Princess Diana’s Bike Shorts and Oversized Sweater

princess diana bike shorts

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This outfit became one of Princess Di’s most regrettable looks because it was so relatable to young women in the 90s and it’s still trending today. In orange bike shorts and an oversized Virgin Atlantic sweater, Di looks like any other young woman leaving the gym. She also wore high white socks and sneakers.

In 2019, Haley Bieber even recreated this look in a Vogue Paris photoshoot, paying homage to the late princess and fashion queen.

What dress was Diana supposed to wear instead of revenge dress?

The night that Prince Charles III admitted to having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles on national television, Princess Diana wore what’s now referred to as the ‘revenge dress.’ She was supposed to wear a Valentino dress but instead showed up in the iconic black dress by designer Christina Stambolian.

What is Princess Diana's most iconic outfit?

Some of Princess Diana’s most iconic outfits include the following:

  • The black revenge dress

  • The black sheep sweater (recreated by Rowing Blazers)

  • Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt with matching peach bike shorts

  • Red polka dot dress and matching hat

  • Yellow overalls

  • Oversized blazer and white turtleneck

What is the most expensive outfit Diana wore?

Princess Diana’s wedding dress supposedly cost about $115,000.

Princess Diana was a true fashion icon, so it’s no surprise that her iconic looks still inspire fashion lovers today. From her celebrated power suits to her playful pastel cocktail dress and demure floral tennis dress, each look is timelessly elegant to recreate for summer. Whether you wear these outfits to the office or on a night out, with these shopping tips and styling advice you’re bound to turn heads and make a statement regardless of occasion.