How to Wear Cowboy Boots With Shorts


shorts and cowgirl boots

Jean shorts with sneakers are cute, but jean shorts with cowboy boots will leave a fashion statement people will never forget. This unexpected style may seem quirky, but it’s actually a big fashion trend during the summer and fall season. Country girls, you’re going to love our tips about styling cowboy boots with shorts!

We know what you’re thinking: boots during the summer? Huh? OK, so we’re not talking about winter boots that will cause your feet to swell up during the heat. We’re talk about a pair of cowboy boots, or western boots as they call it. The combo of shorts (it doesn’t necessarily have to be jean shorts) with boots are sexy and directs a passer-by's eyes to your legs.

Breathable boots are the name of the game during the warm seasons ahead. Choose a fashion forward white cowboy boot that don’t ride up past your knees, or choose a knee-high cowboy boot that can easily be worn over skinny jeans. We’re also big fans of mini skirts and cowboy boots. Simply throw on a cowboy hat and you’re ready for a Taylor Swift country concert!

You may be surprised at just how easy it is to combine this timeless look with modern trends. Even if you’re not into T-Swift or the country girl look, this style is too cute to pass up for any modern woman. We’re walking you through how to style cowboy boots, up ahead!

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Cowgirl Boots Aren’t One Size Fits All

cowboy boots and baggy jean shorts

Just like any pair or shoes, cowboy boots vary in length and style. From ankle boots to knee-high cowboy boots, our personal favorite is one that meets right in the middle of the calf. Knee-highs might be too hot and ankle booties aren’t really meant for this casual look. Cowboy boots are meant to have some length, especially when you pair them with shorts that barely have any length.

As a summer oufit, we prefer light colored boots like white cowboy boots or light brown cowboy boots. But, we’re also pretty keen on black cowboy boots. Black will attract the sun more, so you might want to think about wearing these at night only!

Cowgirl boots aren’t like any pair of old boots. They have a distinct style! Traditional Western boots were made for riding horses because the soles of the shoes have a higher heel, pointed toe, and a tall shaft. The same features apply to modern cowgirl boots. Most cowgirl boots are leather and feature high-quality intrictate stitch work and embroidery.

Whichever boots you choose, you’ll still need to pair them with the perfect shorts for the ultimate cowgirl shorts outfit.

Shorts Outfit Ideas With Cowgirl Boots

jean shorts with cowgirl boots

The easiest shorts idea is to pair denim shorts with cowgirl boots. But it’s not your only option! Here are a few types of shorts + cowgirl boot combos you can opt for:


  • Black short bike shorts with an oversized graphic tee and cowgirl boots

  • Baggy denim knee length shorts with cowgirl boots paired with a crop top and blazer

  • Mini skirt with a leather belt and cowgirl boots with a simple tank top (not a shorts look but still a personal style favorite we wanted to throw in!)

  • Shorts romper with cowgirl boots

Layering For Cowboys Boots Outfits

kendall jenner cowgirl boots with blazer

Obviously you shouldn’t layer your cowgirl boots with anything but your clothing can use a layering boost! For chillier weather, we love layering a blazer, denim jacket, or leather jacket (to match the leather boots!), on top of a crop top or any tee.

Another option is to wear a dress with a sweater on top as it gets colder. A button up shirt tucked into your shorts can also look really cute!

Wear Your Cowboy Boots with Socks to Keep Your Feet Comfortable

This tip may seem super obvious but cowgirl boots can be a process to break in and you’ll want to avoid blisters at all costs!

As stylish as they may look paired with your favorite outfits, they can give you blisters after a few hours of wear. A simple solution to this common problem is to wear above-the-ankle socks with your boots. Not only will socks keep your feet comfortable, but they will protect your feet from any harsh rubbing that can cause painful blisters. This way, you can strut around all day with confidence and comfort without worrying about socks slipping beneath your feet.

Can cowboy boots be worn with shorts?

Not only can cowboy boots be worn with shorts, but it’s actually a trendy look people wear during the summer and fall months. They add a Western style for a country girl or anyone in the East who wants a taste of the West. Traditionally, they’re known for riding horses. But now, they’re a fashion statement we can’t seem to get enough of with a pair of denim shorts, bike shorts, or baggy knee-length shorts!

Cowboy boots and shorts are a classic combination. Whether you're going on a date, to a music festival, or just showing off some summer style, this look is sure to turn heads. With the right pair of boots, some confidence, and the perfect outfit accessories, anyone can rock this cool and relaxed look. Remember to go for quality boots and comfortable socks — nobody likes walking around with blisters after all! As long as you have the right pieces and attitude, you'll be looking like a rodeo pro in no time. So buckle up and show your country spirit with cowboy boots and shorts!