How to Style Joah Brown Joggers

joah brown joggers

Joah Brown is known for its women’s streetwear essentials clothing. Once you’ve laid eyes on one of their pieces, you’ll understand what they’re all about. They’re comfortable and sexy; functional and cool. If you’re looking for an IT girl look, Joah Brown’s sweatpants are everything you’d want in a pair of pants. You may have seen their quintessential cool-girl joggers on TikTok or Instagram. These are the pants storming the Internet because they’re laid back and don’t look like you’re trying too hard. When people leave their houses and don’t want to put too much thought into their outfits, Joah Brown’s sweatpants make it easy to look casual while pulling off a stylish look.

Wearing leggings as casual wear during the winter can be cold. That’s why oversized joggers are perfect for this season because they’ll keep you warm and cozy. You can even wear your leggings underneath for extra warmth — no one will ever know. With a loose waistband, you won’t have fabric digging into your skin. Keep your leggings for exercise during the winter and take out your sweats for a long winter ahead.

What makes Joah Brown’s sweatpants better than other brands? The quality and fit! The high quality of all of their pieces is next to none. Their sweats are size inclusive and are made for most body types. When you wear them, you’ll feel free to run around without worrying about the fit of your clothes.

Joah Brown is a Los Angeles-based apparel line founded in 2014 selling basic clothing and wardrobe staples. Even though their styles are minimal, they show off a sexy edge that you wouldn’t normally see in other basic clothing brands. Tight tops and baggy sweats are the names of their game. Mixing sexy with minimalist works well for this designer and their customers aren’t complaining either. For Joah Brown, comfort can be sexy and doesn’t have to look like you just rolled out of bed or like you don’t care what you’re wearing.

Their sizing is very versatile, so most of their pieces run as XS/S or S/M, or M/L. You can roll up your sweatpants or buy something that’s on the smaller end that might stretch out. Their clothing is generally very soft and stretchy. It really depends on whether you like to wear pieces with more space or like pieces that really hug your body.

What's more, with great quality materials, their clothes don’t pill like other brands. Have you ever seen a pilled sweatpant or top? Joah Brown’s clothing is made of fabric like french terry, which is made to last. Quality pieces are the difference between buying clothes once a year and buying clothes every few months because your clothes from fast fashion retailers are torn apart.

Want tips on how to style our favorite Joah Brown sweatpants? We’ve got you! Read ahead to learn more.

1: The Oversized Jogger With a Tight Top



We’re currently obsessed with Joah Brown’s Oversized Jogger in French Terry. So obsessed, that we carry it in four different colors including Washed Black French Terry, Sahara French Terry, Pearl Grey, and our latest new arrival color — Washed Navy French Terry.

Some of our favorite features about these high rise sweatpants include the snug ankle cuffs, hidden adjustable drawstring at the waist, custom knit french terry fabric, and soft materials. To wash these Joah Brown Oversized Joggers, we suggest machine wash cold with like colors, then tumble dry low.

We’d style these relaxed fit sweatpants with a tight fitting top to balance out the oversized look. If you wear a baggy top, your outfit will look shlumpy versus sexy. Baggy tops work well with tight pants. It’s either one or the other. Shop Joah Brown’s tight crop top or half zip up long sleeve shirt below, which we think matches perfectly with the jogger pants.

Shop the oversized joggers here.

Shop the contrast stitch crop top tee here.

Shop the half zip long sleeve top here.

2: The Empire Jogger with a Chunky Sweater

Unlike the oversized jogger, the empire jogger sits more tightly on the body. You can opt to fold them and use the hidden drawstring or leave it unfolded for a more sleek and solid elastic waistband. Additionally, the side pockets promote practicality and accessibility. With fitted ankle bands at the bottom, these sweats can replace tight leggings in a heartbeat.

Like the oversized jogger, the empire jogger comes in custom knit french terry fabric and the material is soft to the touch. Since the material is mid-weight cotton, it’s ideal for layering leggings underneath if it’s super cold out. We offer three colors, which include black french terry, evergreen french terry, and desert french terry. It’s machine wash cold with with like colors and tumble dry low.

We would pair these sweats with chunky sweaters or a pullover sweatshirt. The tight pants will look perfect with a loose fitting shirt. In the spring, you can wear them with a t-shirt.

Shop the Gracie Knit Swearshirt by Varley here.

Shop the Empire Joggers here.

Shop the Varley Pullover Sweatshirt here.

3: Cargo Pants with a Tucked In Shirt

cargo sweatpants

These sweatpants are more tailored and sophisticated than the first two we spoke about. The relaxed straight leg and cargo-style pocket make them look like cargo pants but have the comfort of a sweatpant. The bottom of the pants can tuck into boots or roll over them for a grundry look. We would pair these pants with a tucked in shirt. Shop styles we suggest below!

Shop the Cargo Pants here.

Shop the long sleeve cut out shirt here.