How to Style James Perse Shirts

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James Perse is a basic clothing brand with high-quality t-shirts that every fashion-conscious man needs. A strong foundation of basic shirts will give you versatility for many occasions, whether it’s a casual crew neck top or a simple henley for a breezy summer night.

James Perse is one of the best menswear brands if you’re looking to strengthen your style. However, buying and knowing how to style James Perse shirts are two entirely different things — which is exactly what we’re here for.

In this article, you’ll learn the ins and outs of James Perse tees and how you can style a low-key California aesthetic.

More About James Perse 

The first James Perse t-shirt was created in 1994, at the height of the “luxe” trend. The t-shirt’s label was simply crafted out of fine slub cotton that offered a combo of luxe and casual. Perse had no idea how successful that line was until he developed his line into two distinct collections: Standard James Perse and James Perse Los Angeles.

Standard James Perse offers high-end quality basic clothing to men everywhere. James Perse Los Angeles branched to other fundamental fashion clothing, including sweaters, sweatpants, dresses, and jackets.

Perse still designs each piece of clothing himself, allowing customers to own ready-to-wear luxe casual clothing that focuses on minimalism and comfort. Much of the line’s architecture comes from the warm West Coast vibe that James enjoyed in his youth, calling it low-maintenance high fashion.

James Perse Style Details

 The texture of James Perse t-shirts is incredibly soft, a trend that quickly became a James Perse signature. Although Perse’s design aesthetic is minimalist, he never shies away from clean lines and quality material over everything else.

James Perse offers a wide selection of casual shirts that echo his California roots. You can find both cotton and mixed fabric designs, including cashmere, supima, and french terry. These t-shirts and henleys have the perfect material for every body type.

Throughout his collections, Perse uses an array of materials, with slub cotton being the most common and beloved.

The brand also caters to comfort, offering casual shirts, neck tees, and deep v-necks that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. For example, the signature James Perse shirt features a slim fit and is lightweight yet warm, making it the ideal shirt for layering.

Another notable design is the James Perse long-sleeve, which features a thick weave shirt design. The collar offers a trim fit, resulting in a clean look that you can wear both at the gym and out with friends.

How to Style James Perse Shirts

The crux of James Perse's style revolves around the design of each shirt, with rawness and simplicity playing a huge role in the overall look. James Perse tees are versatile enough to be worn slouchy or tailored, making them the ultimate foundation for any outfit.

Whether rocking a James Perse tee or pullover, you can always rely on James’ signature laid-back look. His designs take a cue from vintage tees and sweaters, usually featuring muted colors — think blues, greens, browns, and grays.

James’ current style focuses on comfort, so you’re free to wear shorts, a hoodie, and a pair of sneakers for your day-to-day activities.

Depending on the color scheme of your James Perse tees, you can plan out your outfits accordingly. For example, neutral-colored tees go great with just about any neutral palette, from heather grey to carbon pigments. You can pair it with chino shorts, jeans, or dark-wash jeans.

James Perse Sizing

Another fantastic thing you’ll enjoy about James Perse is its true sizing options. The clothing brand offers sizes ranging from XS to XXL, corresponding from Size 0 to Size 5. Since many t-shirts are designed to be worn as base layers, the fit should be roomy enough to wear over bulkier clothing.

James Perse sweaters, on the other hand, are designed to fit closer to the body — still roomy but slim and with a streamlined fit.

How to Care For James Perse Shirts

If you’ve invested in James Perse shirts, you know that the fabric is delicate and requires special attention. Cotton, linen, silk, and wool require specific care, so be sure to read the garment care tag before washing.

To help preserve your James Perse tees, it’s best to wash on cold, line dry, and skip the iron (must-haves for any casual tee). To avoid pilling, support the underarm area during ironing, preferably with a cloth.

Who Is James Perse For?

James Perse is for laid-back individuals who want something simple — which is why all James Perse t-shirts are uncomplicated and effortless. It works fantastic for both men and women, from sleeve shirts, scoop necks, or even full-length sleeves.

For example, their clean finish jersey shirts are all about casual comfort. It’s one of those brands you can wear as you go about your day-to-day activities, whether you’re going to the gym, running some errands, or meeting up with friends.

The brand’s fashion aesthetic is about simplicity, but you can still style your James Perse tees in a way that projects your fashion sense. Whether you’re a surfer, a tech geek, or a city hipster, you can don a jersey polo in the morning to button down shirts later.

The brand’s design aesthetic is minimalist, resulting in a casual t-shirt that you can incorporate into your daily outfits. Keep it simple and wear it with pride - James Perse shirts will never disappoint you.

What is the best way to style James Perse shirts?

James Perse t-shirts are the ideal basic tees for men and women, offering style and comfortability with a laid-back California vibe. You’ll love the soft and breathable fabric, perfect for those lazy days when you just want something simple.

From scoop necks to henleys, James Perse offers a variety of unisex apparel you can try on for your next casual outing. You can layer your James Perse shirts with a nice cardigan or wear denim shorts.

James Perse clothes are the epitome of the California vibe - and James Perse t-shirts are a must-have for a fashion-forward wardrobe. Add it to your wishlist and get new arrivals from