How to Style Graphic Tees — And a Few Of Our Favorites

how to style graphic tees

Graphic tees aren’t just a 90s trend or stylish for rock bands. They’re for everyone! Graphic tees are one of the best ways to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. If you’re a concert junkie or love music, then this trend is exactly meant for you. We also wouldn’t blame you if you wore a graphic tee with a band you’ve never heard of — it’s common to buy a shirt for the color and design versus identifying the band name. But, if someone asks you which song is your favorite from the band tee you’re wearing, you might want to have some answers in your back pocket!

Surprisingly, graphic t-shirts didn’t start with punk rock in the 90s. The origin of these tees actually dates back to World War II and was seen in the United States Military. Soldiers wore t-shirts with their branch numbers and other identifying details. It may not have been a fashion statement, but a more practical one. Mostly, they were used for recruitment and promotion.

At the same time, in 1939, the Wizard of Oz was the first major movie to show graphic tees with the word “Oz” on them. After the movie premiered and WWII ended, men continued to wear graphic tees. It was seen as a sign of masculinity and power. In the 60s, screenprinting became popular and both men and women began wearing tees that were retro and fun. They typically wore them with rainbow shorts or wide-leg jeans. In the 80s and 90s, big companies started taking a cue from the screenprinting success and produced graphic tees with their company logos.

Whether it’s displaying your favorite sports team, musician, animal, or saying, these creative shirts can add a unique edge to any outfit and show off your personal style. With so many different styles available now, it can be overwhelming trying to determine which graphic tee is right for you. Luckily, with our simple guide on how to style graphic tees, you’ll be able to create cute looks that will have people stopping in their tracks!

Layer Graphic Tees For a Timeless Look

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Graphic tees are a fashion staple that can add some fun to any outfit. They’re typically loud and bold, but you can find ones that are subtle or feature a small graphic element on one side. What’s great about these tops is their versatility and the way they act as a base for just about any type of layering piece.

Layering them can create a unique and timeless look that is effortlessly cool. Start with a basic tee and add a denim or leather jacket for a rock and roll vibe. For a more sophisticated look, layer a graphic tee over a button-down shirt and pair with tailored pants or a skirt. Use accessories like hats, scarves, and statement necklaces to add some personality to the outfit. The key is to have fun and experiment with different combinations until you find one that you love. Remember, graphic tees can be dressed up or down, making them a versatile piece in any wardrobe.

Pairing Graphic Tees with Denim For a Casual Look

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Graphic tees and denim go together like PB and J!

If you're like most people, weekends are a time to relax, unwind, and let loose a little. And what better way to do that than with a comfortable and casual outfit? With graphic tees and denim being a staple in most people's wardrobes, it's important to know how to pair them together for a stylish yet effortless look. The key is to keep things simple and balanced. For example, a bold graphic tee can be paired with a classic pair of blue jeans, or a plain white tee can be dressed up with a pair of distressed denim shorts. We also love a good pair of white jeans with a graphic tee, too.

The options are endless, and the result is always a cool, casual look that's perfect for any weekend activity. And we’re not just talking about denim bottoms — denim jackets are fair play too! Simply wear a denim jacket over a graphic tee on a chilly summer night out

Dress up your Graphic Tee with a Blazer or Jacket

If you’ve read the previous paragraph then you know how much we love a graphic tee with a jean jacket for a casual look. But if you’re looking for something fancier and more elevated, might we suggest an oversized blazer or oversized jacket? This business casual look or laid-back work Friday attire, can be worn with a pair of black pants, silk pants, or wide-leg pants. Swap your jean bottoms and jacket for something a little more sophisticated and your casual graphic tee will automatically look fancy surrounded by its fancy counterparts.

Graphic tees are all the rage these days for their comfort and cool designs. But wearing them outside can sometimes feel a little too casual. That's where blazers and structured jackets come in. Not only do they add a touch of sophistication to your outfit, they also provide some warmth on cooler days. The key is to find a blazer or jacket that complements the colors and style of your graphic tee. Pairing a bold tee with a neutral blazer or a printed tee with a solid jacket can create a perfect balance. So next time you're feeling stuck on how to wear your favorite graphic tee, try dressing it up with a blazer or structured jacket to elevate your look.

Mixing Prints and Colors With Graphic Tees

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When it comes to styling graphic tees, there are endless possibilities to mix and match prints and colors. The key is to have fun and embrace the experimentation process. One way to add depth and interest to your graphic tee look is by layering patterns.

Pair a striped blazer with your favorite animal print tee for a playful yet sophisticated vibe. Or, if you're feeling bold, try color blocking with bright hues and prints that complement each other. The beauty of mixing prints and colors is that it allows you to showcase your personality and creativity through your fashion choices.

At first, mixing and matching can seem scary. In a world where matching reigns supreme, it can feel peculiar to go against the rules and rebel. But that’s what graphic tees are all about! Go against the status quo and see what you come up with!

Style Over Sized Graphic Tees with Bike Shorts

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One of our favorite ways to style an oversized graphic tee is with biker shorts. Oversized t-shirts can look sloppy if they’re out of place, but they’e actually very trendy these days with skinny jeans or bike shorts.

This effortless styling idea is ultra trendy in 2023. Pregnant women also love this look over their bump. Bike shorts, simply put, are the leggings of summer. They’re breezy, cool, and cozy. If you’re feeling chilly, throw on a cardigan or denim jacket. An easy outfit that will take you everywhere!

There are many different ways to style graphic tees to create a stylish and timeless look. From layering with coats and jackets to accessorizing with jewelry and scarves, graphic tees can be worn in various ways that will make any outfit stand out. By following these style tips, pairing the right items and having a few statement pieces in your wardrobe, you will soon have the perfect look for any occasion. With a few simple fashion choices, it's easy to take your casual graphic tee look and turn it into a fashionable one.