How to Shrink Leggings


Have you ever purchased a new pair of leggings only to find out that they fit perfectly everywhere except for the legs? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem: shrinking your baggy workout leggings. In this ultimate guide, we will teach you our favorite DIY hacks to shrink your pair of leggings to achieve the perfect fit.

Check The Care Instructions

Before you start the shrinking process, it's important to check the care label and ready the care instructions to see if the type of fabric is suitable for shrinking. Natural fibers like cotton leggings are more prone to shrinking, while synthetic materials like nylon leggings are less likely to shrink. Once you've determined that your new pair of leggings can be shrunk, you're ready to start the process.

Wash Them In Hot Water

The first step in shrinking your leggings is to wash them in hot water. The hot water will help to relax the fibers and make them more receptive to shrinking. You should use the hottest water setting that your washing machine will allow. Throw them in for the longest wash cycle to allow more time for the fibres to break down. Additionally, you can add a small amount of fabric softener or conditioner to the washer to help with the shrinking process. Don’t forget to toss them in a mesh bag to protect them from getting caught on other items.

Dry Your Leggings

After washing your leggings, it's time to dry them. You can use a clothes dryer or air-dry them, depending on your preference. If you opt to tumble-dry them, make sure to put the dryer on the highest heat setting possible. This will help to shrink the fibers even further. If you choose to air-dry your leggings, make sure to lay them on a flat surface (we suggest laying them on an ironing board) to avoid any stretching that could occur from hanging them up.

Repeat If Necessary

If your leggings are still a bit too large after the first round of washing and drying, repeat the process until you achieve the desired fit. However, be careful not to shrink them too much, as they might become too small and uncomfortable to wear.

Steam Your Leggings

Another alternative to shrinking your leggings is to use a clothing steamer. This method is particularly effective for synthetic materials like polyester or nylon. Use the highest heat and steam setting to target the areas that are too loose. Make sure to use caution and not burn yourself with the steam!

Shrinking leggings can be a great solution for achieving the perfect fit. Always make sure to check the care label and start with hot water to help relax the fibers. Use high heat settings in your tumble dryer or a clothing steamer for synthetic materials. Repeating the process may also be necessary to achieve the desired results. With these tips, you'll be able to wear your yoga pants with confidence and comfort.

Do leggings shrink in the dryer?
When elastic and fast-drying materials — which are often found in leggings — are put in the dryer, the high heat can cause them to shrink. Additionally, the dryer can ruin the shape of your leggings and strip their moisture-wicking properties. Overall, it's best to air dry them if you want to keep them looking good as new for as long as possible!
How can I make my leggings tighter?
Did you accidentally buy leggings that are a size too big? You can shrink them or make them tighter in a few ways. See our ideas below!
  • Choose the longest wash cycle
  • Put them in the dryer on high heat
  • Iron your leggings