Basic Clothing For Older Women Over 60

basic clothing for older women over 60

Age is just a number! Some women over 60 who are more active and use less screen time are healthier than Gen Z or millennials. They know what’s valuable in life and have lived through many trends and fashion periods. Older women have seen trends come and go, but basic clothing is always here to stay. There’s nothing more comfortable and timeless than neutral-color tank tops, leggings, denim, t-shirts, and other essential attire. These pieces are like heirlooms for yourself — they continue to be worn decade after decade until they’re worn out.

Instead of looking trendy, many women at 60 want to feel comfortable and feel good in their own skin. Mature women have already developed their personal style and are looking to find clothing that fits their body type and colors that look good against their skin tone. By 60, women know which pieces flatter them the most and they’ve already experimented with different styles. What every woman ends up wearing — no matter their age — is the casual outfits that give off a classic look. Wearing basic clothing is far from being basic or playing it safe. Basic clothing is the general attire most people wear when they’re not getting dressed up to go to an event or special occasion.

Women over 60 want high-quality basic clothing that will LAST. You might be able to get away with buying a low-quality dress that you plan on wearing once. But the clothing you plan on wearing every day should hold out for any wear and tear. High-quality basic clothing should be in good condition long after you make a purchase.

Read about our favorite fashion for women over 60 that is casual, stylish, flattering, and beyond basic.

Straight Leg Jeans/Skinny Jeans

No matter your age, you can’t go wrong with straight-leg jeans! Everyone needs a pair of comfy denim jeans in their closet that matches with anything. High-quality jeans can last you a long time and no one will notice if you wear them two days in a row. You can pair straight bootcut jeans with booties for fall and a white-button down or V-neck top for a more casual look. Add a statement necklace and high heels if you’re feeling fancy and want to dress up! Your closet is probably already filled with jeans, but a classic pair will end up being your favorite. From classic black to classic blue, these color jeans are so versatile.

Shop these high-rise straight jeans by Pistola here.


Because wearing heels and sneakers all the time is not practical, opt for a pair of loafers. These casual (but not too casual) shoes are a great way to sophisticate a day-time outfit. Wear them with black work pants, a pencil skirt, or jeans. They’re perfect for work or running errands in the fall season. Slip them on after a workout to do your daily activities. They’re basically like slippers for the outdoors! You don’t have to worry about wearing socks, lacing up, or zippering. They’re so flexible and light on your feet, too!

Shop these classic loafers from Rothy’s here.

Knit Sweater

Knit sweaters don’t have to look drabby, boring, or oversized! Try a knit sweater that has shape and features a collar. Once something has a collar, it automatically makes it more sophisticated. You can throw it on top of a V-neck after tennis or out for lunch with friends. With a zip-up neckline this knit sweater from The Upside is both sporty and refined. It’s definitely not something you’d see someone who just wants to be trendy wearing. It’s a timeless piece that can be worn for many falls and winters to come.

The Upside knit sweater comes in black and white with a collar and zip up. It’s easy to throw on before you walk out the door!

Shop The Upside Knit Sweater here.

Wrap Dress

Diane Von Furstenberg invented the wrap dress to fit any body type. This fashion contribution is still making a big mark in the world today. Not only does the dress cover up your body for a more sophisticated look, it’s also extremely flattering. It cinches the waist and flows as a midi, mini, or maxi length.

This black cashmere wrap dress in a maxi length from DVF features a V-neck line and hits above the ankle. The material is perfect for fall and the neutral color makes this a basic outfit for any casual occasion. Who needs an LBD when you have a MBD (maxi black dress)? It also comes in plus size options.

Shop this DVF wrap dress here.

Older women have just as many options as younger women to find stylish and comfortable basic clothing. They shouldn’t have to settle for pieces they don’t like. Stay true to your personal style and wear basic clothing that incorporates your favorite features.