3 Women’s Outfit Ideas For Working Out

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Working out is more than just getting in a good sweat sesh. It’s also about feeling comfortable moving around and feeling good in your skin. Additionally, wearing something that touches on your personal style can help you feel motivated to work out and it doubles as an outfit for your entire day. Through the ages, workout clothes have transformed. What used to be an outfit that women would never leave the house wearing, has become an outfit that women wear even when they’re not working out.

In Ladies’ Home Journal, they pictured women from the 1920s during that decade wearing leisure clothes as workout clothes. For example, women wore pajamas, a bathrobe, and even lingerie to do indoor exercises. What did they wear for outdoor workout clothes, you ask? Well, they simply wore a “gym suit,” which included a collared blouse and wide-legged knee shorts! By the 30s, women were wearing bathing suits as gym outfits. Today, gym suits would be considered to be a romper for casual wear and swimsuits would only be used for swimming. It wasn’t until the 50s when the workout outfits we know and love today started to take shape. Since then, women workout clothes have come a long way. Now women’s workout gear has been modernized for ultimate comfort and style.

As workouts became less about light exercises (housework considered to be one of them!) and more about heart-pumping cardio, fashion brands took notice and changed their athleisure wear. Gym suits were gone and style was most definitely in. Just like fashion in general, sporty clothes reflected the modern woman who wore tighter clothes and didn’t stay at home all day. The 2000s is when we first began to see gym clothes as actual functional outfits.

If you want to wear your practical and cute workout outfits all day long, here are a few workout outfit ideas we’re loving right now.

At-Home Workout in Jogger Leggings

workout outfit ideas

Even though no one will see you when you’re at home, you still want to look your best in order to FEEL your best. Vuori Clothing has all the basics you need to achieve just that. These Vuori jogger leggings could be worn indoors or outdoors. You won’t have to think twice about throwing them on at home because they double as loungewear.

Watch TV in these high-waisted leggings and then hop on your stationary bike for the ultimate sweat session. Featuring a tie on the waist and cropped at the ankle, these joggers look like elevated sweatpants. With cuffs at the ankles, this pair of pants are baggy and breathable with breathe Interlock™ fabric. They’re also great as running, hiking, traveling, and yoga pants.

Pair it with a plain white high-neck Vouri tank top which features a racer back. For more comfort, opt for a racer back sports bra underneath. Top off this look with a black supersoft zip-up hoodie from Monrow for when you decided to head outside.

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On-The-Go Workout in a Zip Up Sweatshirt

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Going from your workout class to a coffee shop? When you’re on-the-go, the last thing you want to do is wear an outfit that takes forever to put together. Pair these shiny leggings with a light Varley fall jacket. Wear Varley’s half zip up sweatshirt for an extra layer of warmth as the temps begin to drop. Layer up and watch the leaves start to turn as you run from one place to the next.

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Cardio Workout in a Matching Leggings Set

Matching your sports bra with your leggings will give you less to think about when you’re about to walk out the door. This trendy and cute gym outfit can be worn with a sweat-wicking workout top for exercise or a short sleeve top for a casual day with friends. Pair it with running shoes and you have yourself the perfect gym outfit idea!

Pack your gym bag with a sweatshirt or long sleeve top to throw on top of your t-shirt once class is over and you’re ready to bear the brisk air outside.

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 Looking for more activewear? Back to Basics has it all! Check out our website and Instagram for more practical, stylish, and comfortable workout outfit ideas. Most of our basic clothing pieces can double as loungewear or everyday clothing. There’s no reason why you can’t wear workout clothes as casual clothing! Like we said, 21st century workout clothes reflect the modern woman does it all.