Stripe PJ Top


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Made from 100% silky smooth cotton, this classic shrunken pyjama shirt makes for stylish and comfortable sleepwear to go from bed to street. A new les girls spectrum fit for a slimmer, fitted look. We've mixed up our love for stripes by contrasting vanilla and a lively tang of orange with our new most loved colourway: myrtle green. It's Royal Tenenbaums-esque (just in time for Christmas), gives length to the body, ideal for sharing and matching, and makes us happy. To top it off, it's smooth, silky, and lightweight feel is a dream to sleep in. Wear it with t-shirts, vests, shorts, matching trousers, or tucked into trousers during the day for true bed to street style. Opt for the matching les boys version for a roomier, tunic-shirt fit.

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